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Application Registry

Application registry is responsible for uploading and storing applications. If you want to read more about application file, click here.



Application Registry id.


Possible values:

  • local-storage: files stored locally
  • http: files can be downloaded via http


Path to application file in local storage. It is used when fileSource is set to ' local-storage'.


Url to application file. It is used when fileSource is set to 'http'.

Clustered environment

If you use more than one OnteonCC Server, and you want to store files locally, you need to use shared directories between servers.

Directories that need to be shared:

  • onteoncc-server/storage/application-registry
  • onteoncc-server/storage/application-registry-session

You can change these directories here and here.

Upload with OnteonCLI - Simple

Uploading with onteoncli is pretty straight forward. You need to execute command with specified file.

 onteoncli application-registry upload <file>

Upload with API - Advanced

Uploading application with http api consists of three steps: start, sending parts and finish. All endpoints used in upload can be found here.


Start operation can be done by sending POST request to /onteon-api-access/api/application-registry/upload/start.

After this, you should get response with "id" field. This is an id of upload session. You should store it for future steps.

Sending parts

Part can be sent by sending POST request to /onteon-api-access/api/application-registry/upload/session/{UPLOAD_SESSION_ID}/send-part with upload session id in url and part bytes in body. The maximum part size is 5 MB (this value can be modified here). Every request will append final file bytes, so you need to keep order of sending parts.


If you sent all parts and want to finish uploading, you can send POST request to /onteon-api-access/api/application-registry/upload/session/{UPLOAD_SESSION_ID}/finish with upload session id in url. After this, the application should be created.

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