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Onteon Node Manager - Installation

Simple Installation

First, you need to go to download page and then download the suitable Onteon Node Manager Installation package.

If you downloaded installation package, untar it and run:

sudo ./ --cluster-base-url http://<onteon-control-center-ip-address:8050

--cluster-base-url parameter is a cluster base url.

Installation contains everything that Onteon Node Manager needs to work.

Installation script will:

  • install Onteon Node Manager as a system service.
  • create (if not exist) user that runs Onteon Node Manager.
  • clean the installation files.
  • start Onteon Node Manager.

For more advanced installation, read Advanced Installation Chapter.

Advanced Installation


To get list of installation parameters, run sudo ./ --help.

Onteon Node Manager installation script.

--cluster-base-url cluster_base_url - base url to cluster. Can be one of the Onteon Control Center, e.g.

  --enable-monitoring - enables monitoring.
  --sonario-base-url base_url - base url to Sonario Server. E.g.

Optional arguments:
  --install-docker - installs Docker.
  --user user - linux user. If specified user does not exist it will be created. Default user is 'onteon'.
  --group group - linux group. If specified group does not exist it will be created. Default group is 'onteon'.
  --ip-address ip_address - ip address of Onteon Node Manager.
  --dont-start - don't start Node Manager after the installation. By default it is false.
  --dont-cleanup - it will prevent from removing installation files. By default it is false.
  --installation-dir path - installation path. By default it is /opt.


If you want to use Sonario Monitoring, you need to:

  • enable monitoring with --enable-monitoring parameter.
  • specify Sonario monitoring base url with --sonario-base-url parameter.
sudo ./ \
    --cluster-base-url http://<onteon-control-center-ip-address:8050 \
    --enable-monitoring \
    --sonario-base-url http://<sonario-ip-address:8100


You can install Docker in your operating system. All you need to do is to add --install-docker parameter. If installation contains dependencies for your system, it will install it offline. Otherwise, it will download and install Docker.

sudo ./ \ 
    --cluster-base-url http://<onteon-control-center-ip-address:8050 \

Manual Installation


Before starting Onteon Node, you need to specify url that will be used for registering node. You can do it in onteon-node/conf/conf.yml file in resourceManager.register.url property.

If you specified register url, you can start node by executing onteon-node/start/ script.


You can find Onteon Node Manager logs in onteon-node-manager/log/node-manager/log.log file.

Firewall Ports

8020/tcp - External Edge Balancer port.

8030/tcp - Node Manager API port.

10000-20000/tcp - Applications pool port.