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Onteon Node Manager - Management

Start and stop


If you have Onteon Node Manager installed as a service (which can be achieved with the installation scripts), you can control it with systemctl e.g.:

  • sudo systemctl start onteon-node-manager.service
  • sudo systemctl stop onteon-node-manager.service


If you have Onteon Node Manager installed from tar (read more about manual installation), you can run it in background by executing ./onteon-node-manager/ or in foreground, with additional -f flag: ./onteon-node-manager/ . To stop Node Manager, you need to kill the process, which pid can be found in onteon-node-manager/log/node-manager/ONTEON_PID file.

$ cat onteon-node-manager/log/node-manager/ONTEON\_PID 501 $ kill -SIGTERM 501