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Onteon consists of multiple components responsible for different aspects of the application lifecycle. The most basic elements are the Control Center and Node Manager (they are respectively the brain and the muscles of the whole platform). Below general diagram of installation is shown.

Onteon general overview

Control Center

Control Center is a component where are the logic takes place and it is a point of contact with the platform. It can be clustered to achieve HA and redundancy to not introduce SPOF (single point of failure) to your application.

Here Onteon platform decides how to distribute your applications and monitors whole cluster of the nodes.

Onteon Control Center overview

Node Manager

Node Manager is a component responsible for local (in scope of OS) operations. It is running inside the node next to all your applications keeping them up and running. The Contol Center communicates with all Node Managers to execute it's decision (ex. start new application's instance).

Onteon Node Manager overview

Onteon Concepts

Basic element of Onteon ecosystem is Node. Nodes can be grouped into zones. Zones can also be grouped into other zones.

If you want to upgrade your nodes, you can use upgrade.

You can upload and store applications by using application registry.

You can create application instances from uploaded applications. Application instance can be created manually by specifying target node, or you can create distribution that automatically creates the proper amount of instances and chooses the destination nodes. You can also define how distribution should choose nodes, by creating scripts. If you want to update your application, you can use application change operation.

Onteon simple diagram